Troubleshooting Electrical Problems

When electrical problems hit your household, it can be overwhelming. The power could go out in the whole house, a section of the house, or even just one light! Maybe the power isn’t completely out, but your lights are flickering and your power is going in and out. With a little electrical troubleshooting, you can be well on your way to taking care of some of those household electrical problems on your own!

Quick Electrical Checks

          Is the switch “on”?

          Is the bulb burned out?

          Is a circuit breaker tripped?

          Is a fuse blown?

You may have already tried these, but do a quick check, just to be sure. While it may sound elementary, one of these simple fixes might be the only electrical troubleshooting you need! Still not working? Read on!

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Electrical Troubleshooting

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If you’ve gone through the quick checks above and it still isn’t working, you may need to call a professional electrician like Phil Gagliardi Electric to help you through the troubleshooting process. Not to mention, working with wiring and electricity can be difficult and dangerous without the proper training!

Maybe your GFCI keeps tripping and it won’t reset. Perhaps your lights surge every time your air conditioning comes on. You noticed an outlet was warm while you were plugging something into it? Maybe you have a light bulb that burns out more frequently than the rest of them. These are all common problems that an electrician could troubleshoot for you.

After you’ve given it a try, but you’re still not sure, give Phil Gagliardi Electric Company a call and one our of professionals will be on the way in no time to help you troubleshoot your electrical problem and come up with the best and safest solution possible.